Black Kitchens

If it's a black kitchen that you are looking for then you've come to the right place because at we specialise in supplying Black Kitchens. Whether it's a standard Black Gloss Kitchen or something more special like a Black Glass Kitchen that you're looking for then look no further.

Most kitchen suppliers that supply Black Kitchens are using standard PVC Foil to manufacture their black kitchens. But at we have discovered that the life expentancy of a PVC foil black kitchen is very short.

The High Gloss Foil used to make a black kitchen is very prone to pick up scratches. Even just when cleaning your black kitchen with a simple kitchen cloth can you damange your black kitchen beyond repair.

A Black Kitchen made from PVC is guaranteed to look a mess within the first six months.

But, at we have over come this problem by using Black Glass to manufacture our Black Kitchens. The glass used on our Black Kitchen range is special toughened glass that will not break nor scratch unless you use a diamond.

A Black Glass kitchen is the ultimate in Black Kitchens, and at we can sell you a Black Glass kitchen for less than our competitors charge for a normal PVC foil black kitchen.

At we manufacture every single component involved in a Black Glass kitchen. We manufacture Black Glass Doors, Black Glass End Panels, Black Glass Splashbacks, Black Glass Worktops, Black Glass Plinths and even Black Glass Ovens!

So, if it's a Black Gloss kitchen that you are looking for then please take our advice and insist on the real thing! Don't settle for a Black Kitchen that will look second hand within six months, insist on a Real Black Glass Kitchen that will always look brand new!

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